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Pinpointing Stargazing Sites for More Eyes

Communities across England will have a twinkle in their eye and get a big environmental and educational boost thanks to Dark Sky Discovery– a pioneering new national and regional partnership of astronomy and environmental organisations led by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

A £176.8k grant, funded by the Big Lottery Fund and awarded through Natural England’s Access to Nature programme, will support a 2-year programme to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to come together in their local area and enjoy the night sky in a radically new way.

Working with astronomy, environmental and community organisations in every English region, the aim is to involve people in identifying safe, accessible ‘Dark Sky Discovery Sites’ – places in urban and rural areas where they can take part in stimulating stargazing sessions. A series of Dark Sky Discovery Sites has been unveiled in England – and also in Wales and Scotland – illustrating the range of great local spots that people can use for stargazing.

Project Leader Dan Hillier, based at the STFC’s Royal Observatory Edinburgh site, says: “In every community there is somewhere that is the best place to see the stars.  Even in towns and cities, there are places such as local parks where people can enjoy the wonders of the night sky, from planets to meteor showers. This project will find ways of helping people from a whole range of different backgrounds – such as schools, community and special needs groups, to discover the universe that is just beyond their doorstep.”

Full Story: http://www.stfc.ac.uk/News%20and%20Events/37742.aspx

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