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Live Broadcast of Total Lunar Eclipse, Dec. 10

In an ongoing mission to share a live view of the universe, Slooh, the online Space Camera, will broadcast a free, real-time feed of the December 10th total lunar eclipse from Australia, Asia, and Hawaii starting at 5:00 AM PST / 8:00 AM EST / 13:00 UTC. This total eclipse of the Moon, which will be the last one until 2014, will only be visible in its entirety from Australia, Asia, and the extreme north western portion of North America. Viewers in Europe and Africa will miss the early phases of the eclipse and it will not be visible at all from South America.

Stargazers all over the world are invited to simultaneously watch the total lunar eclipse unfold in what is expected to be a spectacular celestial event. The lunar eclipse will be broadcast in its entirety over a three-hour period, with the total segment of the eclipse of the Moon to occur starting at 6:06 AM PST / 9:06 AM EST. The live feed can be accessed at Slooh’shomepage on the web or by downloading the Android App at the Marketplace store.

Full Story: http://www.slooh.com/pr/slooh-live-feed-total-lunar-eclipse-december-2011.php

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