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Reborn Active Galactic Nuclei?

Credit: Filho et al. 2011

Credit: Filho et al. 2011

A team of researchers, mainly from Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto (CAUP), has detected a rare type of active galactic nuclei (AGNs), which have simultaneously characteristics of young and old AGNs. This apparent discrepancy is thought to be due to a recent re-ignition of the central black hole.

The team cross-correlated a catalogue of over 13 thousand clusters with a catalogue at radio frequencies, searching for a link between AGNs and the clusters in which they reside. CAUP astronomer and principal investigator, Mercedes Filho, commented on this chance discovery: “Our initial project aimed to study radio galaxies in clusters. By chance, we found eight radio sources with extended structure (radio jets and lobes) that didn’t show up in the optical images, which we found strange. So we decided to drop the initial project and pursue these strange radio galaxies.”

In order to get more information about these eight objects, further observations in the infrared were made with the VLT (ESO). This allowed the team to detect the host galaxies, where the extended radio structures originated from.

Full Story: http://www.astronews.us/2011-12-07-1930.html

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