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NASA Completes Publication of Boris Chertok’s Rockets and People Memoir Series

NASA’s History Program Office has released the fourth volume of the English translation of Russian space pioneer Boris Chertok’s highly acclaimed memoirs, Rockets and People: The Moon Race.

Much has been written in the West on the history of the Soviet space program but few Westerners have read direct first-hand accounts of the men and women who were behind the many Russian accomplishments in exploring space. The memoirs of academician Chertok, who worked under the legendary Sergey Korolev, fill that gap.

Covering the dramatic years of the Soviet human space program from 1968-1974, this fourth volume addresses the development of the mammoth N-1 booster – the Soviet competitor to the U.S. Saturn V moon rocket. Chertok also discusses the origins of the Soviet space station program, from Salyut to Mir. In addition, he examines the tragic Soyuz 11 mission and provides an overview of the birth of the Energiya-Buran space shuttle program. His account provides a fascinating inside look at the political, technological, and personal conflicts at a time when the Soviet space program was at its zenith.

Full Story: http://www.nasa.gov/home/hqnews/2012/feb/HQ_12-054_Chertok_Rockets_and_People.html

  1. February 15, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    A quick additional note – this book is available in Mobi format for Kindle devices – I’ve already sent it through to mine.

    The other volumes are available here: http://history.nasa.gov/printFriendly/series95.html#ebooks

    Hit CTRL and F on your browser and search for “Rockets and People” and the other volumes will show up 🙂

    I’m curious to read these books – it’s a rare opportunity to read the story of the space race from (literally) the other side of the curtain. Good stuff. I’m glad it’s available.

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