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Live Feed of Sunday’s Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

Slooh Space Camera will broadcast a free, real-time feed of the Venus and Jupiter conjunction Sunday, 3/11 starting at 02:30 UT / 7:30 PM PDT / 10:30 EDT. Slooh will provide multiple observatory feeds, including from Arizona and the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. The broadcast can be accessed at Slooh’s homepage or by visiting Slooh’s G+ page, where you will be able to see the panel interact live via G+ Hangouts On Air.

Media websites can embed Slooh’s live syndicated image feed directly into their own coverage of the event by visiting Slooh’s media page.

In addition to the conjunction, Slooh will provide live views of several planets, including Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars using Slooh’s patented imaging technology. In addition, we will take an up close look at our nearest neighbor, the Moon.

If skies are clear, individuals can view the conjunction by looking toward the west, the first three hours after sunset.

Slooh’s own Patrick Paolucci will join Astronomy Magazine columnist Bob Berman along with other guests and Slooh members to discuss the event live and in true color.

Full Story: http://www.slooh.com/pr/slooh-live-feed-conjunction-march-2012.php

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