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Astronomer Royal To Launch Pioneering New Research Centre To Improve Our Understanding Of The Universe

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The University of Southampton is launching a new pioneering research centre that will help improve our understanding of the Universe and the fundamental laws of nature.

The Southampton Theory Astrophysics and Gravity (STAG) Research Centre brings together world-leading academics from three research groups – Theoretical Particle Physics, Astronomy and General Relativity – to explore problems ranging from the ultimate building blocks of matter to dynamics over the longest distances in the universe and actively engage with high-profile international experiments and observational facilities.

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UMD-Led Deep Impact Ends, Leaves Bright Comet Tale

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NASA today announced the end of operations for the Deep Impact spacecraft, history’s most traveled deep-space comet hunter, after trying unsuccessfully for more than a month to regain contact with the spacecraft.

UMD scientists – who helped conceive the mission, bring it to reality and keep it going years longer than originally planned—say it is a big loss, but find great satisfaction that Deep Impact exceeded all expectations and that the science derived from it transformed our understanding of comets.

“The impact on comet Tempel 1, the flyby of comet Hartley 2, and the remote sensing of comet Garradd have led to so many surprising results that there is a complete rethinking of our understanding of the formation of comets and of how they work. These small, icy remnants of the formation of our solar system are much more varied, both one from another and even from one part to another of a single comet, than we had ever anticipated,” said University of Maryland astronomer Michael A’Hearn, who led the Deep Impact science team from the successful Deep Impact proposal to its unanticipated completion.

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