NASA’s WISE Survey Finds Thousands Of New Stars, But No ‘Planet X’

Image credit: DSS/NASA/JPL-Caltech

Image credit: DSS/NASA/JPL-Caltech

After searching hundreds of millions of objects across our sky, NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) has turned up no evidence of the hypothesized celestial body in our solar system commonly dubbed “Planet X.”

Researchers previously had theorized about the existence of this large, but unseen celestial body, suspected to lie somewhere beyond the orbit of Pluto. In addition to “Planet X,” the body had garnered other nicknames, including “Nemesis” and “Tyche.”

This recent study, which involved an examination of WISE data covering the entire sky in infrared light, found no object the size of Saturn or larger exists out to a distance of 10,000 astronomical units (au), and no object larger than Jupiter exists out to 26,000 au. One astronomical unit equals 93 million miles. Earth is 1 au, and Pluto about 40 au, from the sun.

“The outer solar system probably does not contain a large gas giant planet, or a small, companion star,” said Kevin Luhman of the Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds at Penn State University, University Park, Pa., author of a paper in the Astrophysical Journal describing the results.

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  1. March 9, 2014 at 11:16 am

    This article is hilarious, well funny to those who have done the research, or at least to those who know that this subject has already been covered many, many times. Not the obvious that Planet X exists, but NASA’s massive efforts in the past to find Planet X. I am speaking specifically of the satellite IRAS launched in 1983; that notwithstanding, astronomers have known about a dominant gravitational body effecting the orbits of Neptune and Uranus for well over 200 years. But has anyone extrapolated, along with the geological and cultural history of Earth, what it means to acknowledge the existence of Planet X? This is not just another imaginary friend that NASA has drummed-up to explain-away some space object with it’s multitudes of “artist’s impressions” of planets a billion miles from Earth, or another piece of ice&rock-comet that has as it’s orbital foci the Sun that is harmless to Earth. No. The passage of Planet X is a Pole-Shift-producing object because it’s orbital foci is our Sun. That it’s nearby presence as it passes by Earth and grabs Earth’s core and crust and physically relocate new geography at the poles. This is a major, destructive global event, the kind of event that changes the course of civilizations, punctuates cultures with stories of calamity of “bible proportions” and decorates the surface of Earth with higher mountain ranges and new continents (did you think that the sinking of continent Atlantis was an “artist’s impression”?
    Is this survivable? Yes, but it’s funny that NASA, considering it’s lies over the decades about what it is really doing in space would come out with a location? Not bloody likely.
    I blog on Planet X, the Pole-Shift and related subjects here:

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